Collective Understanding

My name is Ebony and I’ve been an intern with Tubman’s Movement for Violence Prevention (MVP) Program since Fall 2021. I am currently a senior at Macalester with a major in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have a big focus on mental health and well-being and I hope to work with young children and Black women to help curb the stereotypes surrounding both groups and mental health as well as work within communities to spread mental health awareness because they are often overlooked. 

I am interested in doing an oral project about Domestic Violence Awareness. I would like to include both survivors of domestic violence as well as the people who have worked with them.  My intent with this project is to create an oral “journal” of people’s stories and experiences along with any advice or support they’d like to provide. I will have a set of questions to present, but the interviewee does not have to stick to those questions and we can have an open dialogue if they please. These recordings will remain anonymous and/or the names will be changed, whichever the interviewee prefers. This will be strictly oral and not visual. Interviews will be held from now until April 2024. If you are interested or would like more information, please feel free to EMAIL ME!